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The world is now going to ‘Mobility era’ in which O2O (Objects to Objects) or O2P (Objects to Person) interact on each other by the advancement of IoT(Inter of things) technology.


‘Company mobility’ means the Mobility IT environment where staffs, customers and business partners can use the information and services of the company over wire-wireless network by variety of mobility devices at anytime and anywhere. These days, various mobile services from the provision of the information to payment are being introduced for the convenience of its customers and the government is also implementing various policies to boost smart-work. With the advent of smartphone and of smartpad, the market of company mobility is growing fast and much investment is made in this market.


Major service contents of company mobility

  • groupware for rapid decision
  • construction productivity management by mobility
  • business support by mobility for revenue enlargement

The character of mobility service market

  • services applying specialized technology for mobility (AR, QR, etc.)
  • extension of mobility service specialized for smartpad(mobile-stock transaction, mobile-banking, etc.)
  • mobility standard platform (MEAP: Mobility Enterprise Application Platform) that is fit for various mobile devices, offers mobile service rapidly and operates a system efficiently
  • the strength of the tendency of technological complexity by increase of various mobility OS(Operating System)/ manpower shortage/ frequent update -> ‘cost increase to develop and to operate systems’
  • the absence of a huge winner in a mobility OS(Operating System) market

MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) is being introduced to the market to offer stable and high-quality mobile service in today's fast-paced mobile environment by big companies.

The character of MEAP solution

  • One Source Multi Use
  • integrated development environment
  • mobile framework realized by easy development language
  • test environment specialized for the mobile
  • the functions to secure and to operate
  • integrated development of backend
  • easy to apply a new mobile technology

Suitable cases for introducing MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform)

  • in the case of approach from the standpoint of TCO(Total Cost of Ownership with technology strategy
  • in the case offering multi services on various mobility devices
  • in the case that needs 3 and more kinds of mobile services
  • in the case that needs 3 and more kinds of mobility OS and of device support
  • in the case that needs 3 and more kinds of backend interwork
  • in the case that needs flexible(to technical trend) and sustained(to customers) response

Company mobility domain and considerations with each domain

  • mobile devices: the selection of a mobility OS and a device, applying based on iOS, Android in the case of a mobility OS, considering smartpad
  • network infra: considering data rate system and expansion of 4G, in the case combining wire-wireless service wire and wireless; introducing FMC(Fixed Mobile Convergence) /FMS(Fixed Mobile Substitution)
  • EM(Enterprise Management) service: Offering sustainable EM(Enterprise Management) service
  • Platform: Introducing standard MEAP(Mobile Enterprise Application Platform)
  • Mobility security: support of its security services for device, network and data, especially, for B2E service, you need management of mobility device, considering customization of solution

Considerations when you selects MEAP(Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) solution

  • One Source Multi Use support by easy developing language,
  • support Main Mobility OS(Operating System) and upgrade
  • the integrated development environment, the mobile-specialized development and the provision of a test tool

Company mobility roadmap

  • 1st: the development and operation of mobility service based on MEAP
  • 2nd: the expansion of mobility service
  • 3rd: the provision of specialized service

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