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The mobile solution and its ecosystem are huge. It is growing rapidly and faster than expected. Mobility seems to have the highest impact on association today. Social mobility allows an association to operate efficiently, reduce the cost, increase communication and improve management. At Agerigna, we have a large team of dedicated domain experts who understand this in their truest sense, analyze customer’s business requirements and implement the mobility services to suit their association ecosystem. Our global team possesses comprehensive set of skills to provide end-to-end mobility services – right from designing the User Interface and developing the mobile application to deploying the right mobile application certified by our QA team.

Our Product

Get your content into the hands of your members, both at your meetings and year-round. Use Agerigna Mobile Apps to collaborate, create and communicate 365 days per year. You want a mobile app that looks like your association; therefore, Agerigna provides its mobile apps as fully customizable and flexible to meet your association needs.


• The Mobile app gives members and meeting attendees all the info they need at their fingertips. • The app features Sessions, Tracks, My Schedule, Floor Plan and Alerts. • It simplifies meeting planning. • It streamlines abstract collection and reviews. • It provides you with management of your past, present and future meeting data. • The app helps you collect and track thousands of ideas to increase the quality of service you provide to members. • It simplifies collaboration. • Before meetings, the app helps you to gather abstracts and allows easy reviews. • During your meeting, the app allows last minute changes (such as, room changes, speaker cancellation, etc.) with a smooth conference experience. • After a meeting, the app helps you to archive and plan the next meetings. • The app gives staff control over the mobile device with our CMS to make changes

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[Korea IT Times] Agerigna, the Social Networking Service provider to the Ethiopian community, has released an Amharic Keyboard released for IOS Version. This is the first of its kind. Following its release of Amharic Keyboard on Android, the company believes this function will help integrate Ethiopians using iphone to the application...

Agerigna has the proven a practical experience. If your company needs a mobility support, please don't hesitate to Contact Us .

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